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The Secret Diary of Chumleigh the Cat

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Book Details

  • ISBN: 978 1 913755 28 7
  • Authors:

    By Paul Lawrence

    Illustrated by Nicki Averill

  • Date Published: December 2023
  • Pages: 160
  • Style: Hardback

Book Description


Behind a thin veneer of respectability, life in a small English village is not all it may seem. Through the eyes of Chumleigh the cat, the rural goings on are recorded in this funny and poignant diary, with an element of adult humour.

From a cat’s perspective, Chumleigh tells all about life in his house and the antics of his neighbours. From domestic disharmony to a cannabis farm in next door’s garden shed, he sees it all and shares it all in his diary.

This is a cat who enjoys the finer elements of feline existence like tuna, sleeping in the warm and cat treats. But life doesn’t always pan out the way he would like.

Supported by a rich cast of locals, as odd and individualistic as still found in many small villages, Chumleigh charts a year in his life. Traumatic visits to the vet, turf wars with the local ginger tom and a desire to eliminate a neighbour’s yappy dog are all set down with great humour and insight.

If you’ve ever lived in a village or owned a cat, this will make you laugh. If you’ve never lived in a village and never owned a cat, this will be a wonderful insight into what you have been missing.

The Secret Diary of Chumleigh the Cat is a year in the life of a cat who never ceases to be amazed at just what goes on around him!